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Coffee Flavors

by David Dale

What strikes your fancy? Kingdom Bean Coffee Roastery offers a range of roast profiles for the coffees we offer.  Roasting coffee is both an art and a science.  We look at the temperature and time numbers, as well as listen to the sounds of the roast, the aromas and the colors–all to produce delicious coffees […]

Asian Coffee

by David Dale

Kingdom Bean Coffee Roastery is pleased to feature some specialty coffees from Asia. Beyond coffee grown on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, Asian coffee is not very well known in the world. And what is known about coffee from Asia is often about the vast amounts of low-quality Robusta produced in Vietnam. However, […]

Open House, Friday, September 29!

by David Dale

Come visit the Kingdom Bean Coffee Roastery and experience some unique and delicious coffee samples from some special places around the world.  Hear about David’s background in coffee production and running a coffee initiative for more than a decade in a remote Southeast Asian country. 11700 Commonwealth Dr, Ste 100 Louisville, KY 40299