Does your church serve coffee? Have you ever considered what the quality of coffee you serve says to your guests?

Serving good coffee is one way you say to people “I value you!” Unfortunately, serving bad coffee says the opposite–it leaves a bad impression and signals people that you cut corners, go on the cheap, and don’t value people enough to serve them a quality brew. Many churches serve coffee they would never drink or serve to guests in their own homes, and that should be the first clue that there is a problem.

Put a good cup of coffee in people’s hands–one that is so good it requires no cream or sugar–and you’ll find it’s a way to say “I love and value you!” Good coffee is an important love language, and it’s one we’d do well to speak, especially if we wish to love and serve people in our community.

If you want to love on people in your church and people in your community, serve them good coffee! It may cost you a few more pennies per cup, but the people you wish to reach are worth it. Let them know they are worth it. Make a good impression. Hand them a cup of freshly- brewed, mission-sourced, Kingdom Bean coffee, and let the warmth of your love and coffee fill them as you fellowship together!