Kingdom Bean Coffee
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Kingdom Bean Blend

Kingdom Bean Blend, designed for espresso but great for any brewing method, is a blend of specialty coffees from around the world that provide a complex, balanced, smooth and rich flavor in your cup. MEDIUM ROAST/BLEND

Mekong Mountain Coffee

Mekong Mountain coffee from Kingdom Bean Coffee Roastery is produced in the mountains of northern Indochina in the Mekong River basin. This unique shade-grown, fully washed and highland Arabica coffee has a deep sweet-toned aroma with notes of cedar, dark chocolate and molasses. Rich body. Light syrupy texture. Gentle acidity. MEDIUM-DARK ROAST

Guatemala Antigua Coffee

Guatemala Antigua Coffee comes from high in the volcanic mountains of Guatemala from a premium family-owned coffee estate that has previously won the highly coveted Cup of Excellence award. The rich soil and wet processing of these sun-dried SHB-grade Bourbon coffee beans produces a deliciously smooth cup of coffee with notes of caramel, brown sugar and cocoa. You will fall in love with this brew! MEDIUM ROAST

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee from Kingdom Bean Coffee Roastery is an exceptionally special coffee infused with the aroma of Kentucky Straight Bourbon before roasting though aging in a charred oak bourbon barrel. Strong notes of vanilla, oak and caramel. (Orders may take up to 3 weeks or more to fulfill.) MEDIUM ROAST

Sumatra Bold Coffee

Sumatra Bold coffee is a deep-structured and vibrant coffee with soft earth notes of dark chocolate, spice, tobacco, cinnamon, white pepper and cedar, along with the classic Sumatran heavy body.  This coffee is produced by farmers living in the lush mountainous highlands of Central Aceh on the northern end of this equatorial island. MEDIUM ROAST

Thai Lanna Coffee

Thai Lanna Coffee from the mountains of northern Thailand is sourced from minority farmer-owned coffee plots, washed, and sun-dried producing a delicious coffee with notes of dark chocolate and black currant. We are proud to offer Thai Lanna to you as a dark roast — perfect for espresso or your daily brew. DARK ROAST

Ethiopia Guji Coffee

This special Guji coffee originates from the birthplace of coffee: Ethiopia.  Representing some of the very best coffee in the world, this raised-bed-dried coffee is an heirloom Bourbon selection full of sweet and juicy flavor.  Notes of floral jasmine, apricot and stone fruit.  Trace undertones of blueberry pie. MEDIUM-LIGHT ROAST

Brazil Decaf

Brazil Decaf is a delicious specialty selection from Brazil of Bourbon, Typica and Catuai varieties and is decaffeinated with a water (not chemical) process. It has a heavy body and sweet chocolaty flavor.  Notes of milk chocolate, mild citrus and clean nuts.  Decaf isn’t supposed to taste this good, but you won’t be disappointed! DARK ROAST

Kingdom Bean Flavor Pack

Six packets of the different coffee offerings from Kingdom Bean Coffee, including our Kingdom Bean Blend, Lao Udom, Guatemala Antigua, Sumatra Gayo, Ethiopia Guji and Brazil Decaf. (Whole Bean or Ground coffee samples–2.5 oz. each.) FREE SHIPPING!